Monday, September 29, 2008

An Original Menu...

Ok you have to hold on to your pants for this one. While perusing a menu the other night I stumbled upon a few entries that made me chuckle then one that really made me insane with laughter, luckily I was not stone drunk otherwise I would have laughed my head off and made a fool of myself. So I am sure you all remember the great Antonio Salieri and his musical skills as well as his portrayal in Amadeus and the life of Mozart, well somehow he was paired with one of these fish dishes and it made me laugh to think they were being tongue-and-cheek with it all until I saw what was listed underneath! I began to think, they are using movies to list some of these dishes, thinking they are being cute... So, with a load of mirth inside of me I had to order a plate of grilled Octopussy! Yep folks you read this one right and it took another load of wine for me to actually eat the stuff; scrumptious it was and all I could do was laugh the whole way home!!!! I did not have the heart to tell them the translation of that word in this Italian restaurant needed to be...well changed to simple octopus...but then again, maybe they were thinking about the James Bond flick... sexy, sensuous, naughty, sex and cooking, sensuous kitchen, escort dinning, jet set, classy, Mozart balls, octopussy,

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