Sunday, July 19, 2009

The "Noise" of Summer

Have you ever been to a place in the hot, hot heat of the summer where the song of the cicadas is so loud, it drives you nuts? Tuscany is the place for those wicked hot days, the heat of the afternoon killing you and all you want to do is sleep but the noise is almost deafening and all it does is remind you how hot it really is. You pray for an afternoon thunderstorm to whisk away the heat even if only momentarily and to silence those critters...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jesus and Mohammad one and the same?

I have been meaning to post this link to a blog discussing the differences between the Bible and the Koran, (scroll down to the post entitled Jesus and Mohammad, one and the same?) as well as read the post entitled Which Koran from another blog; very interesting facts.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Reflections on Independence Day flooded my mind with the sights and feelings evoked while visiting Philadelphia a short time ago. This was the first time for me visiting any of America’s historical past and for a first timer, it was an experience never to be forgotten.

The trip lit a fire within, spurring me
on an interior quest of the emotions of those poignant days when a group of men literally sweated out the words of our Declaration of Independence. The heat was unbearable in the Hall, the flies even worse and yet these men were driven by the same vision, the same yearning to create a foundation for freedom, for a true democracy.

America is the on
ly true democracy although the Greeks and Romans did make an attempt but were defeated by complacency of their peoples. Because of this, I pray people will open their eyes and “see” and “hear” the lies and recognize how our media is masking the truth or not reporting it all, we must “hear” the hidden truths; man has no nobler function than to defend the truth. Americans have a duty to defend the truth, to fight for our freedoms again, to remind our corrupt government what our genetic framework is all about. The tea parties have been a wonderful way to peacefully state our dissent, but will that be enough?

I fear for my country (photo below) and, for anyone who has never been to the heart of our constitution, please take the time to go, to contemplate the Statue of Liberty as well during the days of visiting, to spend a few minutes thinking about what freedom means to you. The freedom to write what we want on a blog and not get thrown in jail, the freedom of the press (well not so free these days when you realize who controls it), the freedom to drive wherever we wish in our cars and to live in any state we choose, to strike up a new business and be an entrepreneur, invent, create…to breathe.

America is strong, her genetics will most likely save her from severe damage caused by corruption and socialistic moves of the current government however before she retaliates, I am convinced Obama is going to wreak a great amount of damage in a very short amount of time. Yes, he did inherit a mess but the mess started many administrations ago so we must not put the blame on just one previous president. While our flag waves, salute it, stand in awe of it and remember the many men who died for us, to give us the liberties we have today. Please do not stand with your hands over your crotch (Obama’s offence to America) during our anthem or pledge of allegiance. Think of Betsy Ross, think about those men in Philadelphia eons ago and light a fire within for your country. While you rush to see fireworks, to light the BBQ, stop, and remember.

Happy Birthday to all Americans.