Friday, June 26, 2009

Intensely Dark-Black (99% cacao) Brownies

This has been a work in progress, re-orchestrating this recipe to work with the chocolate available in Europe. The final result is a dense, succulent, intensely dark, transcendent brownie. If eaten while still warm, the flavors will be deep and rich, utterly delicious! Published in grams.  Today is Sept 30 2012 and I have finally fixed this recipe when using European ingredients and the 99% cocoa chocolate bar.

 Clairified butter = 150 gm
50gm  of 99% chocolate.  

 I use Lindt's 99% chocolate bars, they are expensive but the chocolate is ultra fresh. Do not use Baker's squares for this recipe, it has been redesigned to fit only 85-99% cacao chocolate bars not containing emulsifiers, or other fats instead of cocoa butter as filler.

2 eggs beaten with

220 gm sugar

Melt in double boiler, butter and chocolate.
Beat eggs and beat in sugar.

Mix melted butter and chocolate with beaten eggs and sugar.

add 1/2 tsp of salt
1 ½ tsp vanilla

115gms sifted and remeasured pastry flour

Use a square pan 8x8 inches or 20cm x 20cm pan
bake 20 -30 min @350 F or 190 C

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