Sunday, November 8, 2009

Le Strette Barolo Bergeisa 2004 - Divine!

With the cold weather it is definitely time for some of those warm, meditative, ethereal red wines and last night was the first of the season for us. I decided to open a bottle of Barolo purchased over a year and a half ago while touring the wine country of Le Langhe Roero and Monferrato. The repast was risotto con porcini and that was all we needed. The wine when we tasted it at the enoteca regionale di Barolo was beyond impressive at that time (2004 vintage, considered an excellent year) and we only "stole" two bottles of the garnet liquid; how sad because it is worth stocking the cellar with this beauty. We may just have to get in the buggy next week and head over there and partake in a little white truffle (season in Le Langhe is Oct.- Dec.) and buy up, if there is any left, more of this wonderful wine. So, with candles lit for tonight (did not have the heart to finish the bottle last night) we will finish the evening with wafts of cherries, wood and fennel.

If you would like a warm and fragrant Barolo, you must try Le Strette Barolo Bergeisa 2004 as one of these reviews notes, it is truly a Barolo with all the grace and complexity one would expect from the "historical Bergeisa cru of Novello."
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Rowena... said...

Okay I'm marking this as one to look for. If I can't find it in Lombardia then all the more reason to visit Piemonte!

Thanks for stopping by the site....and when you do get to any one of Princi's bakeries write about it here if you think it's worth all the fuss! Personally, I loved the interior design more, but only because I want to maintain my loyalty to those mom-n-pop bakeries where everything feels more authentic.

Snow White said...

Thanks Rowena, I will definitely come back to comment on the bakery, I am a mom and pop fan myself now that all these types of stores have almost disappeared from Milan. If one does not have a car to get to the big stores...
Hey a little trip to Piemonte is not a bad way to go...the wine being the excuse. ;-)

LOVE your blog.