Sunday, June 27, 2010

Romantik Hotels - European Class

If you have not heard of this group of hotels, then you are in for a real surprise. This franchise has hotels all over Europe specializing in romantic getaways, spas, wonderful food and dinning as well as, stunning surroundings. I suggest ordering their catalog so you can see for yourself the smorgasbord of choices! If it is possible, at least for this creature, I will try to organize my business trips around staying in one of these hotels. You definitely get value for your money and are in lovely historical environments always family owned and operated so there is a nice sense of friendliness, lacking in the large hotels.Romantik

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Penny Auctions said...

Wow great post!
I am glad to found to found your post in which you offered interesting information about such fabulous hotels.

Snow White said...

Hi Penny,
thanks for stopping by and I am so glad my information helped. I try to discover the "real" side of Italy and when I found this hotel or group of hotels, I realized how little I knew. These are real treasures of hotels and usually the food is way and above. Enjoy!