Sunday, October 23, 2011

I have lots to say and add but this has been a busy year, spent so much time with my butt on a plane I have not had much time for fun writing. I do make lots of reviews on Trip Advisor as Snow White from Milan so check them out. Lately the disgust for what is happening in our world has depressed me and it seems we are moving farther and farther away from what we need to be as human beings. Our politicians suck, their behavior, quest for power and money, the gross mishandling of our tax dollars in all cities and countries. The other day I read an article in an Italian newspaper, the parlament reps do not even show up for work on Thurs or Fri. In fact, on Wed they all show up at "the office" with their bags packed! These turkeys need to get paid for when they show up and that is it. How can a country be run when everyone is off enjoying their bennies?  Just sucks.

On that note, I am adding a photo of one of our great wonders, a place so full of emotion-evoking vistas, smells and sounds. Try the Silver Saddle at the Cowboy Club in upper Sedona, get a personal tour of Hopi land with Sandra Cosentino Crossing Worlds, the Northern Arizona Museum in Flagstaff, stay at the Old Adobe Hacienda in Oak Creek Village and have great beers at the brewery in Tlaquepaque.
The Hopi House for good Native Indian crafts both cheap and expensive and the Silver Bear for silver. Garlands is always a treat and you will not find better rugs. Do not miss the Windrush Art Gallery, The Lanning Art Gallery and across from that one, the Turquoise Turtle, these are the quality galleries of Sedona and you will not be disappointed.
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Kimberley said...

Yes, the politicians around the globe are sucking it up lately. I am not sure what is distracting them so far away of what needs to be done other than their self-involved greed. But, with that being said, the pictures are beautiful and your blog seems to be very unique and interesting. Anything that catches my attention this quickly is something that I must join. So hello, from your new follower, and I look forward to hearing more from your blog posts.

Snow White said...

Thanks for stopping by Kimberly. It is so nice to have a refreshing comment once in a while. :-) I have missed my writing and think it is good for me to write so I will try to write shorter blurbs. So glad you are an animal person.
Safe journeys.