Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gotta Love the Left Over Queen!

I just thought you all should head over to the left over corner, where the queen of left overs has truly presented one of the best blogs I have seen in a while and not only her blog but her ideas for left overs! She mentioned our blog in finest-foodies-friday and when I read more about her I was happy to find a fellow Italian lover as well as, one who purports simplicity in the kitchen (she is also the one responsible for Foodies Blogroll.

Golden Piglet is a bit of a pain in the butt regarding left overs that is, they need to be consumed quickly for the mass of bacteria and molds that set up shop so quickly (he takes the fun out of my left overs being a microbiologist maniac). I have never been able to use left overs very well and now, Jenn has answered my prayers and even though the Piglet loves to eat so our left overs never make it far anyway, now I have a good reason to have left overs! :-) So, as you ponder what to do with what is in your pantry against what is in that Tupperware, go see what
The Leftover Queen has to say. Thank you for Jenn for the nice review, we certainly appreciated it.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

You are more than welcome! Thanks to you guys too for all your kind words! That pizza photo always has me drooling!

Snow White said...

You have me jazzed now, going to post about the culture of quality food...

;-) Ciao!!