Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lunch in Asiago

Had lunch while wandering Asiago the other day and what a major disappointment this little place was. The décor was lovely as you can see from the photos but the personnel and service was offensive.

The prices were high for what was offered and when I ordered some wine, it was either by the glass or by the half bottle. OK, fine but how about a list of what is available????? I ordered by the glass and the waitress trotted off up the stairs to see what was open….
When she returned it was not, would you like white or red, but this is what we have and presented me a bottle. So what do you do, tell her to take a hike? Not likely, she would probably spit in it if I had told her to get me something else. Who knows, the wine was probably someone’s leftover bottle from the night prior.

The head duck was dressed in a suit…for an Osteria?? Yes it ha
d tablecloths and was very nice downstairs but not enough to be that pretentious if you ask me; the quality of the food did not match the dress code. This little place is tied to the Hotel Europa a four star hotel…or I should say stolen stars for a rating and is next to one of the more famous hotels in the town. (This photo is the "nice" hotel)

Asiago is a fantastic altopiano with numerous small towns scattered around the plane. This is not a Cortina d’Ampezzo or a Campiglio however there is that “air” or feeling of being on the verge of having been touched by the hands of “get rich quick” tourism.

Since Asiago is a short drive from Vicenza, this is a place for locals to get some skiing in wi
th just a short drive from home in the morning, on the slopes by 9 and then home by evening. Nonetheless, there is that air of catering to a higher tourist Euro and that brings nothing but disenchantment to those looking for a casual, relaxing little day trip away from it all. The area is well known for its cheese and limpid honey and is well equipped for skiing although here in March the lifts were closed even though there was still a lot of snow.

Granted it was Monday and shops are either closed on Monday or at the very least, during the morning so, the town was dead and many cafes or restaurants were closed. This only helped fuel the idea she had formed in her head of this town; that the season had just ended and no one really cared to be nice because they did not have to now, almost as if they were burnt-out and fed-up.

Despite this gloomy feeling, she will still venture a return trip during early summer, the hills must be breathtaking and there are other towns on the high plane besides Asiago, which looked very inviting and comfortable and ready for exploration.

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