Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dirt-Poor Soup

Stealing this recipe from the Piglet, I thought this was appropriate for the times, a dish one could whip up on a budget stretched to the limits. Now with Fiat and Chrysler together, we might be seeing a few more of these in the states besides the Cinquecento clubs and finding replacement parts a tad easier. Gotta love that new 500!

The origin of this peasant soup, from what she garnered via the Piglet, is somewhere on the Spanish continent. Honestly, this is a super easy dish, a great belly warmer and just plain good when using genuine ingredients.

1 liter or quart of chicken, beef or vegetable broth (for one person use half that amount). Old crusty bread (older than a day or two) cubed or just torn into pieces (be sure to use the crumbs as well).

Hearty flavorful extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (Tuscan if you are able).

2-3 cloves garlic cut in half or quartered 1 egg per person Sauté on low bread pieces in plenty of oil with the cut garlic; sauté until the bread is well toasted ad crunchy.

Heath broth to almost boiling turn down when add the eggs).

Lightly beat the eggs in a small bowl as if preparing for an egg drop soup.

Add the eggs to the hot broth while stirring then add the bread, oil and garlic from the sauté.

Serve hot. If desired, may add a dusting of Parmigiano Reggiano (not Kraft!) to make it a bit “richer.”


JPCharley said...

Just like here in OZ...they have some real CUTE, good little cars and they are made by FORD, GM (HOLDEN), etc... and we in the states never see them. WHY is that???

Snow White said...

Ha, ya wanna know why? Really, you do not, it all goes to fall on our politicians, lobbyists, oil and car companies...nice little marriage they made. Europe has been making small engines and cars that consume little compared to ours for decades. Look at the Roswell incident, the truth to be hidden.