Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Embarassing Offer

OK, I am disgusted with Obama’s embarrassing monetary offer to Italy for the earthquake victims and damage. 50 thousand dollars is an insult and, on the heels of this “lovely” economic crisis caused by America, it makes the offer even more obscene and absurd. Condolences would have been enough, a little kiss-ass political style letting everyone know that the US is concentrating on recovery of it’s own especially since money is just a matter of sending the "invoice" farther down the line to our children and grandchildren. On top of that, his request or demand to have Turkey be a part of NATO is another insane imposition. Why make the European countries pay our tab, for prostituting Turkey with our airplanes? There are way too many immigrants in the European countries and they have no desire to add Muslim-Turkey legally to their worlds and I do not blame them! Good Lord, where else is Obama going to insert his foot? He never ceases to disgust me with his unbelievable lack of experience and ignorance to common sense.

Did you all hear about how Michelle is not going to concede to classic First Lady dress codes as well as, not wanting to give up her prowess in the kitchen? When will she figure out the importance of her position as a representative of our country and take on the role of that representation versus making a strong statement about maintaining her home-style habits? She should have taken the $ 50K offer of her husband to Italy (the price of a car) and put it towards her wardrobe. While in Europe she was out classed in dress by all the other ladies.

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